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Introducing FatherAltman.org 🙏🏻😇❗😊⛪

July 22, 2021: This site has the blessing and approval of Father Altman. My wife and I had a meeting with him 2 weeks ago. When I told him about my idea and showed him the site this morning, he texted me with this reply:

"God bless you both. Certainly it is ok. Thank you for your witness of Faith to me. Let us keep the Faith no matter what (Rom 8:28)"

Please note that FatherAltman.org is NOT owned, managed, controlled, edited, paid for, or affiliated with Father James Altman. We are simply Catholic supporters of Fr. Altman. We love his zeal and pious devotion to the truth of The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

Because of the currently prevailing "cancel culture" and the unjustified removal of many Facebook groups without any notice, (such as Peggy Hall's group 'The Healthy American,' , which had tens of thousands of members with a great community- it was erased overnight , earlier this year, with no warning whatsoever.) This Fr. Altman site will serve as a sort of archive and continued discussion, in case this Facebook group is ever removed. There is a mailing list if you'd like to sign up, just in case our Facebook group here is ever removed.

We are not monetizing the site, no money will be sought for any reason. It is only for the love and support for Fr. Altman and his message.

As things continue to escalate and the so-called 'variants,' the great reset, face diaper mandates and the abortion-tainted 'vaccine' 🙄 obsession continues to grow in this country, it's good to have alternative methods of communication.

The site is in its' early stages so it's not fancy, but the mailing list sign-up is there, as well as a collection of great chronological Fr. Altman interviews. Please leave your comments and suggestions below . ¡¡VIVA CRISTO REY!! 😇🙏🏻⛪👊🏻

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