Catholic priest Fr. Stephen Imbarrato delivers a great rant admonishing the bishops who obeyed the government and denied our dying loved ones the last rights in nursing homes and hospitals during that past year and a half. He then discusses the pope pushing the immoral vaccine promoted by "BABY-KILLING, SEX-PUSHING CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS!"

This is a must-see.

"...They couldn't get their last rites, they are isolated isolated from their families. Pure evil, and the bishop said nary a word about it!

"...You know, the more I think about it, this really upset me. The Audacity Of The Bishops! The Audacity Of The Bishops! To first of all allow our senior citizens, our families who are in the hospitals, who are in the nursing homes, right? to die isolated! Shame on you bishops! Shame on you !

"Any Bishop that allowed that to happen in their diocese, you need to get to confession and repent of that sin!! You want to talk about a grave sin? If any of your flock died isolated in a nursing home in the hospital without the last sacraments because you told your priest you're not to go in there... or because you didn't tell the hospital 'you are letting my priests go in there... ' Matter of fact Bishops, you should have been going into the hospital to give last rites!

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