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July 22, 2021: This site has the blessing and approval of Father Altman. My wife and I had a meeting with him 2 weeks ago. When I told him about my idea and showed him the site this morning, he texted me with this reply:

"God bless you both. Certainly it is ok. Thank you for your witness of Faith to me. Let us keep the Faith no matter what (Rom 8:28)"

Fr. Altman Interviews & Speeches

Please note: FatherAltman.org is not owned, managed, controlled, edited, paid for, or affiliated with Father James Altman. We are simply Catholic supporters of Fr. Altman. We love his zeal and pious devotion to the truth of The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

This site will serve as a compilation of the best Fr. Altman homilies and interviews, as well as a means of communication for supporters in case other platforms (such as the'Friends of Father James Altman' Facebook group) are cancelled.

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Mel Gibson: "A very deep sickness afflicts the church"
In a rare video appearance, Hollywood legend actor Mel Gibson released a 5-minute video on Friday September 10, 2021 in support of the 'Coalition for Canceled Priests,' ( canceledpriests.org ) who were holding a rally in Chicago with Fr. James Altman.

Please feel free to continue our discussion here at this site, starting with this thread:

"Out of everything you have learned from Father Altman, what did you most need to learn?"

Also, I think this question is important and most interesting. Please share your experience:

How Did you first hear of Fr. Altman and what do you like most about him?

Here are two of my favorite homilies from Fr. Altman. (There are many more videos in our interview section here, or just click the menu above.)

Fr. James Altman of St. James the Less in La Crosse, Wisconsin preaches: "God Gave Us A Brain, Let Us Use It."

He says "The entire premise of this facemask order is a Godless, diabolical farce. A Godless dehumanizing lie, this imposition of restrictions." 😇🙏

Here's another must-hear homily by Fr. Altman, 'FEAR-demic: Trust God, not men.'

Fr. Altman reveals Bishop's request for his resignation- June 6, 2021

Fr. Altman: "You can't be Catholic and a Democrat" - August 30, 2020

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  1. I support Father Altman because his heart is open to the truth and he is willing to fearlessly speak it to protect our Catholic faith. A true son of God.
    Thank you Father God for Father Altman.
    S. Gregory

  2. I can’t get enough of Fr. Altman’s homilies!!! He’s my new hero. He is so brave and bold and speaks the truth!!! God bless this holy man of God. He is a true shepherd!!!

  3. Fr. Altman defends the Catholic Faith against the opinion of the world and against the opinion of modernist bishops and cardinals who have betrayed the Faith and joined the world. May Fr. Altman never veer from his path to remain faithful and true.


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Fr. Altman Interviews & Speeches